So Sánh Gỗ Óc Chó Và Gỗ Gõ Đỏ |Thẩm Mỹ – Độ Bền – Giá

by Nội Thất Đương Đại

The color scheme of walnut and red oak is monstrous with its own elegance. Walnut wood has a light brown to chocolate brown color, after finished, the wood color will become deeper. The color of the red oak wood ranges from yellow to slightly crimson. Therefore, with the naked eye, we can distinguish these two wood samples. Each color of wood has its own beauty and difference. However, it is undeniable that they all enhance the uniqueness and elegance of the apartment.
Walnut wood furniture has a rather deep color, but the color itself exudes charm and uniqueness. The red color of red oak wood brings elegance and warmth to the family. Homeowners will choose a wood model depending on your color preferences.
the beauty of the grain of the wood
Not only color, wood grain is also an essential element to make wooden furniture more beautiful. Comparing these two types of wood, the redwood grain is elliptical and the grain is smooth. Walnut wood grain has many eyes with flexible, soft veins. Aesthetically, walnut wood has a wonderful grain, class and full of art. It is these veins that make many families fall in love with this wood.
Durability and weight
Compared to walnut and redwood, both are known to be extremely beautiful woods. Durability and impeccable quality have made both of these woods at the top of the list of materials needed for furniture. In terms of durability, redwood has better durability than walnut with impressive bearing capacity. Redwood is also heavier than walnut. Therefore, if dried and meticulously processed, red oak wood has excellent durability and quality.
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