Red Storm

by Thom Tate

Tsunamis have been destroying power plants along coastlines around the world, and a missing agent holds the key.

In the cold heart of Siberia lies the largest High Frequency weather controlling array in the world. Sofia Kuzma, a brilliant young scientist, has been recruited to work for its eccentric owner, Nikoli Petrovich.

Thinking that the technology she’s working on will bring life-giving rain to drought-stricken areas of the world, Sofia is horrified when she discovers what Nikoli’s true intentions are. With Nikoli’s henchmen closing in on her, she goes to the one place that might offer her protection: The U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Special Agent Blake MacKay is sent to the safe house in Moscow to get the data from Sofia, find the missing agent, and stop Petrovich at all costs. After an attack on the safe house and a growing number of violent deaths, Blake starts to understand the danger he’s up against—and to plan his attack.

Together with Sofia, he uncovers a plot larger than either of them could imagine. With time working against him, Blake battles the frigid cold of Siberia and the will of a madman to avert a crisis that will cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and bring the country to the brink of financial ruin.


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