Sports Massage. Skills Development. Spa Therapies Framework

by malinichaudhri


A new integrated model of application for sports and spa therapists, integrated as Healthtech. This manual carries the seal of ISTE and is a technical, verified description based on Occupational Standards and listed competencies at intermediate level.
It covers essentials of technique, body mechanics, positioning, consultation, ethics, workplace rules and spa integration.
It is a clear, illustrated manual based on Orthopaedic massage applied in Sports therapies for spas.
The author who is a US licensed sports massage therapist, was ranked Expert by Klout for US Open in therapies in March- April 2017. She has been a recipient of grants and awards to have maintained her studies overseas and in USA, from where she has her license in Sports massage.


  • Hello Dr. Malini,
    I have gone through your sports massage manual ,I found it very good , relevant and I think
    this will be very useful in india for training physiotherapist to handle sports massage.
    With Regards,
    Dr.Rakesh Goel MBBS, MS(Orthopaedics)
    Senior Specialist (Ortho)
    Beas Hospital