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by jenlynnanderson

Thousands of years beyond tomorrow, the world is water. Most of the land has been swallowed beneath the oceans, and what is left of humanity has migrated to the foothills of the highest peaks on Earth, reduced to sparse island chains and low-lying archipelagos. A new, isolated civilization has emerged in what once was the Rocky Mountains region, but the loss of technology and the absence of land has forced many to eke out a meager life on the water. A ruthless caste system separates the members of an aristocracy – who can trace their roots to the land that still exists, from before the destruction that ended the American Age – and a class of refugees whose ancestors fled to higher ground millennia ago. Some shunned the system entirely and went to sea, turning to thievery, piracy and less savory means of survival. These nomads, roaming among the islands on patchwork ships made from scrap metal and wood, are known as Tiders.

Ben Corley has been alive for twenty years, and they have all been quiet. The island he calls home – one of thousands that scatter through the Westerward Main – is a dull backwater near the southern tip of the archipelago, a haven for coastborn usually overlooked by the governing lords of Westerward. The whole of Ben’s life – growing up in a fishing village with his grandfather, his only family – although not of his choosing, has been simple.

Until the morning he stumbles upon the girl on the beach, nearly drowned and wearing Tider clothing, with strange tattoos on her arms and legs… and no memory of how she washed ashore. Or why.

Stormriders is currently published as a series on Channillo: A stand-alone novel will be available in late 2017.


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