The Blood of Winter Demons of Lost Souls.jpg

“The Blood of Winter” Demons of Lost Souls

by oddly-eccentric

“THE BLOOD OF WINTER” is a dark fantasy about a soldier with the premonition of Death trying to stop a brutal king from spilling enough blood to wake an ancient darkness imprisoned beyond the stars.

Winter could remember Death’s voice in the womb. It calls to him still, filling his mind with visions of all the ways he can die. King Drohn’s conquest is destroying everything and everyone, leaving the world in ruin. Branded a traitor and forced to escape Winter must travel to the ends of the known world to gather allies.

The empires of Drakoor, Veiling, and Aastra have existed before recorded history and few know what they were built to hide. Winter must find the truth that hides beneath the surface to save the world from Annihilation. Along the way he will face a perilous landscape of mountains, deserts, infinitely growing trees, and calderas surrounded by boiling lakes and rivers to protect an indigenous tribe and the woman he loves.

When the blood from their war soaks the earth, the Demons of Lost Souls will rise and cleanse the world. The premonition of Death is an ally in war and Winter will need it to survive the coming darkness.


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