The Devil’s Church

by Machado de Assis

Who is smarter: God, the devil or humanity? In “The Devil’s Church” you will know the truth.
The Devil’s Church is a short story, but very interesting; it is simply a fabulous story of how the Devil in a stroke of master one day decided to found a church, because he saw that Heaven had more allies because God had churches on Earth. Determined in the mission of opening a church to aggregate all humanity with his evil teachings, the devil discovers that it is not so easy to keep the flock in the greatest evil, because his followers are liars, full of malice and pretense. The devil even being present to question the errors of his followers, he cannot understand the reason for so many deviations and is forced to fly to Heaven to question God why his faithful are so corrupt that they are not following his doctrine. The answer is…Read now and discover the devil’s funny and clumsy cunning.


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