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The Dissentient: The Lucia Chronicles Book 2

by jenkelly427

Lucia Giroux lived in The Nation: a utopian society where all citizens were committed to “doing their fair share” for the greater good. She led the perfect teenage life in her safe haven of Province 3, but that all quickly changed when she learned that not everything was as it seemed. After being sent on a mission and finding out that The Nation hid dark secrets from its citizens, Lucia joined her parents as part of the Dissentient—an uprising against The Nation. Just when she is beginning to understand who her parents truly are she narrowly lost them at the hands of The Nation. Together they headed west to join other Dissidents at The Dissentient Camp. When Lucia arrives at the Camp she has high expectations, but they are quickly shattered as she realizes that just as in The Nation not everything—or everybody—is as it seems. She discovers that The Dissentient has their own set of secrets and their own agenda. When her boyfriend, the steadfast Nicolas Pernelli, is assigned to go on a mission back in the Provinces, Lucia finds companionship with the charismatic Dissident Luke Simons. Together Lucia and Luke delve into the mysteries of The Dissentient where Lucia finds clues to her past. Will Lucia finally accept that she is the Light of The Prophecy before it’s too late?


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