The Independent Traveller’s Guide to Tropical Getaways

by alexia

Tired of packaged holidays or want to save some money and have more control over your next trip? Are you planning a honeymoon or are you planning to travel around the tropics and fancy some downtime during your travels but do not know where to go?

There is something about the tropics that once you have experienced it, it is hard to go anywhere else. The heady mix of blue sea and sky, glorious white sands and the constant temperatures combined with the welcoming and friendly people make relaxation unavoidable. These days it is getting harder to hide yourself away, as more people travel and those out of the way places are becoming more popular. That does not mean you need to hang with the herd, the places in this book will inspire you and give you that sense of luxury that only being away from the crowds in a beautiful environment can bring.

The book gives you a round-up of 6 of the loveliest places in the world to hang out in the sunshine and gives the information you need to plan the trip yourself. Covering some of the more out of the way places in the Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia (Tahiti), you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are a solo traveller or will be travelling as a couple, using the information in this book as a guide and with a little effort, you can arrange the trip of a lifetime.

It’s really not as hard as you think.


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