The Jazz Age

by ajordanbooth

In the smoke filled speakeasies and raunchy nightclubs of the roaring twenties, the careless young flock to partake of the nights illicit pleasures. Unbeknownst to the flappers and bootleggers, a nameless assassin moves amongst them stalking his next victim. He is a flawless and unstoppable force, boasting talents which make him the perfect harbinger of death. With no remorse and no questions, he is your man if you need to end a life. That is, if you can afford a killer of his caliber. For him killing is as much an art form as it is a profession.

But what happens when perfection cracks? Can he make one last good hit with both the mob, and the police gunning for him? Can he escape the private investigator, Marshal Deacon, who outsmarts him every step of the way? Flawed and broken, is there any hope at redemption or does only damnation await the hired killer?


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