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The Keeper of Edelyndia

by benjaminjdenen

“Following your orders may seem​ like the right thing to do, but what about good? Does being right mean having to sacrifice being good?”

Orron, man with no knowledge of who he is or where he comes from, wakes up in a land called Edelyndia where the Church rules with brutality and an iron fist. He is welcomed in by a simple family after saving their ten-year-old daughter, Ly’ra. When The Keepers, the enforcing arm of the Church, launch an unprecedented raid on their village in Havanshae Valley, Orron is face with taking up arms to fight for those he loves. In doing so, he must confront the reality of who he truly is and the purpose for his very existence.

Draedon, a Legion Commander of the Keepers, struggles with his duty as an officer and his role as a father. Standing up for what he believes in feels like the right thing to do, but what if he endangers his beloved daughter? He must choose between the life he has always known and the life for which he has been too afraid to fight.

In reading The Keeper of Edelyndia you will find yourself in the middle of constant action and suspense in a story told through the eyes of its vivid and relatable characters. A thrilling tale of love, justice, faith, and fighting for what is truly good and right… or at least what appears to be.


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