The Lost Boys of Lampson

by PNHolland

When BILLY MACLEAN spots an eerie figure in a window of his school, he thinks he’s going crazy. It quickly becomes apparent that his Grade Seven year is going to be like no other. Even before the first week is out, he and his best friend RICKY STEPHENS are terrified by weird occurrences: they’re attacked by a murder of crows, hit by a hurricane force wind only they feel and are subjected to a poltergeist attack in the first day assembly. If things aren’t confusing enough, Billy keeps encountering AMY SUTHERLAND. Dressed in old-fashioned clothes, Amy appears and disappears inexplicably and becomes a target for the school bully, ANDREW EDGEWARE who seems possessed and beats the boys savagely when they come to her rescue.
Billy’s world is rocked, and he’s speechless when he discovers that the reason for Amy’s vanishing act is that she’s using magic to time travel. DEREK and TOMMY are missing from her time. Convinced that something evil has happened to them, she’s come to enlist Billy and Ricky’s help to find the missing boys and defeat whatever has captured them. To persuade her new friends, she takes them to the past where they meet MR. DOBBINS, the strict, threatening headmaster. Something about him unnerves Billy and he’s relieved when Amy returns them to their own time.
Once back home, Billy hears a threatening voice in his head. Terrified that he’s gone crazy, he explodes when Ricky questions him and calms down only after his friend hears the voice as well. Even though Amy offers to cast a protection spell, the boys have had enough and they tell her to find some other heroes.


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