by John Jeter and Glen Craney

If you think the blockbuster new TV show, DIG, is hot, here’s the story that came before it: Someone has stolen the Black Stone from Mecca, the holiest site in all Islam.
But why would anyone steal the holiest icon in all of Islam, if not in the entire world? The Stone, believed to date from the time of Adam and Eve, was placed at the Kaaba by the Prophet Mohammad.
Now the Saudis must find the Stone before the annual Hajj that draws 4 million pilgrims … before the Islamic world explodes. They turn to the only man who can help: Cas Fielding.
The unhinged former operative for the Defense Intelligency Agency has endured a terrifying career, infiltrating jihadists in the Arabian desert and watching his Saudi wife beheaded. Now, he fears for his son in a Riyadh prison. Burned-out and helpless, Cas spends his days surfing in Malibu … until he’s enlisted to find the Stone.
He soon collides with Marly McKinney, a brilliant Columbia University astrogeologist who helps him cross countries and continents, running between religious fanatics, a cold-blooded Mossad agent, a cavalier thief, the unscrupulous owner of an American mercenary army and the world’s most powerful governments.
They soon discover the Stone’s immense – and very real – power. And find themselves hurtling toward the Apocalypse.


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