The New Drone Juggernaut.jpg

The New Drone Juggernaut

by speedyreads

The New Drone Juggernaut ©2015 delivers a global glimpse into the social and legal impact on commercial and industrial drones. The FAA new laws become effective 2016 and AMAZON moves forward with robotic air delivery. Test markets include Miami and Tampa. Drone permits allow drone use in farming, ranching, vineyards, E&C, and real estate. Notable uses for drones include city services like road, water, police, fire, and emergency workers.

This book offers insights into venture capital and investments in drone patents, drone ancillary services, and drone manufacturing. Military and government drones have existed for 25 years. This is a world- wide industry. Many countries have few or no drone laws in place. This is a huge growth industry and seems to have traction. This is the third book by Dr. Rebecca Stone.

Her fourth book is a children’s book named The Undersea Adventures of Aladin and Alibaba.

Trading Jenga will be her fifth book. A group of energy co-writers will bring to life the fun and scary trading commodity world and share wisdom to increase profits and skip over the bumps of volatility and random disaster.


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