The Peculiar Case of the Lakewoods

by dianae

Life apart from her twin, Matilda, isn’t easy for Charlotte Lakewood. On the other hand, life with Matilda wasn’t exactly easy either. In more ways than the obvious, Charlotte always felt the two of them were too close for comfort, which especially presented problems when she was regularly blamed for her sister’s disturbing antics.

Upon starting college, Charlotte finally feels free from her sister’s clutches. The freedom is short-lived though, when she returns home over summer break only to become the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Even though Charlotte experiences occasional black-outs, she’s sure she would remember if she hurt someone. Hence, she has a terrible feeling Matilda may be the real culprit. The only problem is that Matilda has been dead for nearly three years…

Things quickly spiral out of Charlotte’s control when she is summoned for questioning by Detective Mallone and search warrants lead authorities to some of the most private details of the Lakewood family’s lives through diaries, stolen mail, and notes from the family therapist. With Matilda possibly reaching from beyond the grave and long-lost secrets having troubling consequences, Detective Mallone soon learns that the circumstances surrounding the Lakewood family are just as terrifying as they are peculiar.

Part epistolary novel, The Peculiar Case of the Lakewoods is a psychological and supernatural thriller about a family’s unusual history, the consequences of their darkest secrets, and the lives caught in the chaos.


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