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The Polar Bear and The Boy

by ryanljennings


The boy discovers his courage in Iceland, but will it be enough for the challenges he must face?

This children’s book series The Rainbow Travellers, puts children in control of the world they will grow up in as their decisions decide what happens next. What kind of world will they grow up in? Let our children decide!

As an adult you may remember the Pick-A-Path franchise of books of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Rainbow Travellers also lets children choose their next adventure empowering them to make decisions, show courage and lead at every step of the way.
I’m proud to have written these books with my own son Joseph in mind because I want him to grow up having the best possible head on his shoulders and know that there is more than one way to carve your own path forward.
The book is written for 8 – 10 years which means it includes a selection of words from the UK National Curriculum for English. For many advanced young readers, they will easily pick this up at 7 years old and even 6 years old.

At any age, The Polar Bear and The Boy makes a superb bedtime read where each night you can take them to a different ending.

This book is one of the longest of the series as it reveals what The Rainbow Travellers Series is all about. This book is larger format 6 x 9 paperbook where multiple plots and sub-plots take root.

If this is the first book you’ve discovered, make sure to go back and read where it all began with the first book in the series, The Kiwi and The Boy.
Books in the series include:

The Kiwi and The Boy cross the Indian Ocean
The Electric Eel and The Girl cross the Pacific Ocean
The Polar Bear and The Boy cross the Arctic Ocean
The Greek Tortoise and The Girl cross the Mediterranean
The Lizard and The Boy cross the Caribbean
The Manatee and The Girl cross the Gulf of Mexico
The Tomato Frog and The Girl cross the Atlantic Ocean


  • Thanks Ryan for this book, I’ve enjoyed it and dreaming about visiting New Zealand now, guess flights from Madrid are long though. Keep on going with your books.