The Rise of Awe: Tapping Nature’s Power to Transcend Violence, Depression & Addiction

by katelockhart

Our most powerful natural resource has yet to be tapped.

It’s impossible to ignore the compassion deficit in our global society today. We watch as short-sighted, self-centered behaviors inflame the catastrophic issues of our times. The tsunami of violence, trauma, depression, anxiety, disease, and addiction that follows disables our collective ability to find lasting solutions. Our retreat to familiar coping strategies, often hosted by alluring screen-based personal technologies, allows us to check out, but also takes us further from empathy, connection, ourselves—and our enlightenment.

Fortunately, the natural world holds all the optimism, solutions, and healing we need to move forward. Nature is, bar none, the top producer of awe states in humans—states that elevate us to more sophisticated, universal mindsets geared toward empathy and nonjudgment. Now, thanks to groundbreaking interdisciplinary research on nature connection, human development, and the emotion of awe, we have overwhelming evidence that human beings are hardwired to find answers in nature. And they usually start with the word, ‘Wow’.

The Rise of Awe is for you if:

– You feel hijacked by obsessive or addictive behaviors, but have a timid optimism that escape hovers just within your grasp.
– You get a sense that we humans are evolving into greater awareness, but wonder why some people are evolving faster than others.
– You are tired of hurtful, unproductive interpersonal and global struggles, and want to embrace a new way of being in relationship.
– You crave a deeper connection with the natural world, your loved ones, animals, and yourself and need guidance on how to start.

The Rise of Awe takes an integral approach to show readers how this new nature connection can help us understand and thrive in today’s world. Drawing on cutting-edge cognitive science, evolutionary history, and reflective mindfulness practices, it blazes a nature-based path toward personal, interpersonal, interspecies, cultural, and social harmony so we can accomplish the essential goals of our time.


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    Fantastic book as for me, nothing to add