The Sorrow of Archaeology, a novel

by University of New Mexico Press

“Russell Martin’s The Sorrow of Archaeology is an intelligent, poetic novel with the complex characterization and layered plotlines of rich literature. . . . a lyrical page-turner with a knack for grappling with the deeper human questions of self-identity, personal history, and physical and emotional brokenness.” – Rocky Mountain News

“Russell Martin has shaped a beautiful novel filled with grace, love, and wisdom. Digging metaphorically through ruins to create understanding, The Sorrow of Archaeologyis a tale that powerfully examines cruelty, decency, dignity, and courage–with emotion that gathers like thunderclouds holding the promise of rain.” – David Lee, author of Legacy of Shadows, My Town and So Quietly the Earth

“Russell Martin is a masterful storyteller.” – Bloomsbury Review


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