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The Street or Me: A New York Story

by judithg


A sidewalk hello between two diverse women in a New York City neighborhood begins an inspiring story about redemption over evil. Michelle Browning is 33, drunk and a former beauty queen who nears death after six years of homelessness. Judith Glynn is divorced with grown children and struggles to support herself in her adopted city. After their first hello, neither woman is the same as they embark on a remarkable journey over the next two years.

The Street or Me: A New York Story graphically depicts the homeless subculture as Judith sets out all alone to rescue Michelle. It’s about one woman determined to return dignity to another woman’s life. But is Judith’s fixation worth the sacrifice to involve her family with Michelle?

This book exposes the personal destruction caused by alcoholism and demolished dreams. It’s a raw and enlightening read where, at times, Judith despises Michelle and her obsession to save her. At stake is whether Michelle will choose street life and possible death in a gutter over Judith’s guiding light back into society.


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