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The Twin Souls (Books 1 & 2 of the Eternity Series)

by Newhouse Publishing

A person can have many soul mates in a lifetime but, each person has only one twin soul in each life. This belief taught to me by my grandmother is one that has always filled me with wonder. As a young child, she often sat next to me in front of the fire blazing brightly in our tipi and spoke of the legend of the twin souls. The legend is as old as creation itself.
It is said that as the creator was making human beings he was surrounded by souls to place in them. The creator decided to take a single soul and split it in half creating twin souls. He then took the two twin souls and touched them together as light as a butterfly’s kiss. The twin souls were then separated and placed respectively into man and woman.
The creator lightly touched them together so that when they meet one day, they will recognize the other’s soul as their twin. This is because they have already met at the beginning of creation and will immediately feel as if they have known each other forever.
I am “Sumanitu taka kici mani wiya” which means she who walks with the wolf and live with my elderly grandmother, Shetawahki, who is a revered elder and medicine woman of the Lakota Sioux Nation and part of the Roaming Wolf Sioux Tribe.

This book is a historical paranormal romance set in the west during in the time the white settlers came and the Indian Nation people roamed freely. There are two separate stories. In the first book you will meet half white and half Indian Juliana Dodge orphaned as a twenty year old maiden who lives on the fort and is ridiculed when everyone finds out about her half breed status. She meets the handsome Blackfoot warrior, Cheveyo and things take off from there but, life is not easy for them and they have many challenges to overcome. Is their vow to be together strong enough to stand against the white soldiers? Will their love endure?

In book 2 you meet She Who Walks with Wolves, the Sioux Chief’s daughter who is destined to be with Shadow Hawk, the Blackfoot Chief Cheveyo’s son. They find out they are Twin Souls. But, will their love be strong enough to stand through what is to come? Will her supernatural blessing from the Great Spirit truly be a blessing or a curse in her life?
As one reader put it, “There are so many twists and turns that you don’t see coming and they keep you reading until the very end. I had to read it all in one sitting.”

“The Twin Souls is a vivid and intense novel comprised of two stories set in two Native American tribes. It is full of suspense and drama and is about the difficult circumstances under which lovers meet and the challenges they face later on due to sadistic people who target the heroines. There is a deeply spiritual way in which Holly Newhouse depicts her heroines. They both are extremely self sacrificing, caring and also brave. Their male counterparts are protective archetypal heroes with soft hearts.
The twists in the story are gripping and the situations are very believable, making this work potentially popular in the historical and cultural genres. The narrative emphasises the theme of twin souls, their instant recognition and desperate desire to be with each other against all odds. Newhouse paints romance effortlessly in such a way as to allow it to be realistic, passionate, bold and transcendental.
There is a wonderful closeness and merging that is achieved, and readers interested in close romance will enjoy the special qualities conferred on the characters, such as being able to feel each other’s emotions and thoughts, and being able to transfer pain when needed. Newhouse also handles love from other relationships, such as brotherly, fatherly and motherly love, with sincerity, realism and compassion.
The book is artistic and spiritual without compromising on suspense and passion. This is a wonderful combination and I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a bold cultural romance which is not pretentious and yet contains important ideals regarding the spiritual concept of male and female twin souls.”
Reviewed By Nandita Keshavan for Readers’ Favorite on February 5, 2015 Review Rating: 5 stars!


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