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Twisted Threads (Friends By Serendipity #1)

by dlively

Whether it’s a first or a return visit, you’ll find that Twisted Threads is a place you’re welcome. It’s a place you’ll be at home, where you’re among friends, old and new. The first woman you’ll meet is Susanna Parker, who owns a yarn shop. In six months since she opened, Twisted Thread has thrived like its owner. A lot because of the new friends she meets when the doors open. A New York Times Best-selling Author, Susanna has a past only a few know. She moves to Palisade, in search of someone special stolen from her twenty years earlier. Elizabeth Marshall, a wealthy, confident, single mother of a college daughter. Susanna connects with her new friend on many levels. Elizabeth became a successful realtor after her child’s father left them when their daughter was a year old. Renee’s a divorced mother of two shares custody with ex-husband who lives in Ohio. After the divorce, she’s become a successful Naturopath in this small town of Palisade, Colorado. With their son approaching college, she’s in contact with their children’s father more than she wants. Helen, a wealthy widow with one daughter, Ashley, who’s divorced, has no children but struggles with a methamphetamine addiction. Margaret, Helen’s mother and Ashley’s grandmother, distraught, helpless, as she watches both her daughter and a granddaughter face addiction. Like many women, these five find companionship and comfort in each other and the age-old craft, knitting. Bring your yarn and needles and join us.


  • Susanna Parker is interesting character. intriguing book)