Universal Wars: Battle for Valetissi Midiva and Incursatio

by A P Sia

This book tells a story that a peaceful world named Incursatio have been invaded by massive alien being. The inhabitants try to fight for their existence which the invaded have been annihilating them one by one. This book also tells about the battle between two evolved being that result in the slaughter of many defenders which occurred at Valetissi Midiva. The local inhabitant can only flee from their attacker. This book also tells about the corruption of misplaced funds for families of volunteer that happen at Funalidosa. This also tells how they were able to find those misplace these funds. This book also tells about the venture of a group of people from Mudiwuro to seek answers regarding a strange artifact which they have to travel from one world to another world. This book also tells about the training of new recruits at Rasebulem which this recruit will one day replace those who fought on the front battle line.


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