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VINALIFE Import Export Trading Service Joint Stock Company specializes in the following fields:

+ Consulting design and construction of industrial kitchens for agencies, schools, restaurants, hotels.

+ Trading in high-temperature drying and drying machines and equipment, all kinds of dryers for agriculture, industrial-scale drying of agricultural products and fruits.

+ Consulting optimization solutions for kitchens, restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens.

+ Receive processing equipment and machinery for the kitchen industry as required.

+ Repair and maintain all types of kitchen machinery or equipment.

VINALIFE is a unit specializing in the design and construction of industrial kitchens, hotel and restaurant kitchens with more than 10 years of experience. Customers who need advice on setup, design, construction of industrial kitchens, restaurant kitchens can contact us immediately. VINALIFE with a staff of skilled and professional engineers will help you find the optimal technical solution, to ensure your kitchen is operated easily, conveniently and quickly. .

With the motto “INCREASE VIETNAMESE VALUES”, we realize that we must always strive and make more efforts to bring customers the best products and solutions with the most value. Saving costs while helping to create the highest profit for customers

With that desire, we constantly improve ourselves with the determination and enthusiasm of all leaders and employees in the company. Set the goal to meet all customer requirements with increasing quality, along with that is associated with a great mission.

VINALIFE Import-Export Trading Service Joint Stock Company determines the strategic vision for the long-term development process as follows:

Provide the most optimal solution for industrial kitchens, restaurant kitchens, hotels, office kitchens, schools.

Constantly upgrading and improving the quality of every detail of each product

Become a leading company, selected as a reputable industrial kitchen design and construction consulting address with competitive prices.

Become a long-term partner, affirming the brand value thanks to the guaranteed product quality.

Core values
Customers: Respect all rights of customers. Providing the best quality and attentive service.

Responsibilities: Complete projects, design and manufacture conveyors and conveyor belts with the most complete and meticulous.

Learning and creativity: Constantly improving skills, management capabilities as well as investing in production lines to be able to meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers.

Commitment to quality and prestige: We understand that, in order to “Success together”, we must associate the brand with quality, ensure prestige and build a position in the hearts of customers.
Coming to VINALIFE, you are guaranteed to receive dedicated service, with product quality with warranty commitment and full support during use. We believe that with a team of enthusiastic staff, VINALIFE will successfully build trust with customers. We very much hope for your enthusiastic support for the development of the whole company.

When using our services, you will enjoy a lot of benefits such as a super good after-sales service, a commitment to work for “Truth – Heart – Credit” to always be the top priority, to meet your requirements and needs. the highest that the customer wants.

Unlike many other service companies in the market, we always put the interests, desires and needs of customers on the top under the motto “Giving is receiving” to provide customers with good services. our best, most perfect.

Besides, we are always perfecting, improving every day to be more suitable for customers. With a staff of dynamic, creative and constantly updated. With a leader with many years of experience in the field of industrial kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, along with the operating criterion “Customer is the center”, we ensure you can get the best experience. when, using our services.

For more details please contact:


MST: 0110017493

Hanoi Office of Education: No. 41 Alley 214 Nguyen Xien – Ha Dinh – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi

Saigon Transaction Office: No. 36, TL 19, Ward 5B – Thanh Loc Ward – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

Factory: Quang Minh Industrial Park – Chi Dong Town – Me Linh – Hanoi

Tell: 0972.59.63.63


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