We Shall Ne’er Be Younger

by Mary Ellen Woods

Widowed just after her 50th birthday, romance novelist and former high school literature teacher, Emily Archer is determined not to grow old and die alone. She’s holding back the aging process fairly successfully so far with exercise, portion control and moisturizer. But it’s only a matter of time until it catches up with her. She’s on the clock when it comes to finding a mature man to share the remainder of her life with. When she meets recently divorced Marine Colonel, Mike Hansen, Emily is concerned that their instant sexual attraction could spoil the chances of an enduring relationship. Slowing things down is going to be battle since Mike is a battle hardened veteran used to getting the job done, quickly.
Emily and Mike discover that relationships after the age of 50 have all the same problems (ex’s who don’t know when to quit, unreasonable family members and job complications…) as any relationship, plus some gray areas and wrinkles that come with age. If they can learn to live with each other’s wrinkles, they have a chance at going gray together. But what Emily doesn’t know, is how little time they have before their romance arc will be interrupted. Will Mike and Emily seize their second chance at love before it is too late?


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