Whirlwind Love: Libby’s Journey

by didihendley

Whirlwind Love: Libby’s Journey is a contemporary fiction novel, the first in a series, and is available in e-book or paperback.

Libby’s Journey tells the adventure/love story of Libby Morgan (29), who follows her ten-year dream to photograph hot air balloons over the Grand Canyon. She sets out in a refurbished RV, outfitted with video cameras to record messages for her college-bound niece, Megan. An emotional recording inspires her to turn on the radio for distraction, and the voice and song of Joe King, lead singer for The Brothers King, intrigues her to make a spontaneous stop in Texas to hear him play, where she discovers the love of her life.

Former headliner, Joe King, is jaded by years of abuse and battles with TBK’s mismanagement, and is weary of his nomadic lifestyle. His responsibility for his bandmate and brother, Chuck, completes Joe’s frustration; and he’s angrily biding his time until he discovers a way out.

An evening of flirting ends with a confrontation that leaves Libby and Joe contemplating their actions, while reeling from their unforgettable encounter. Fate brings them together down the road, where they discover a love not to be denied and a journey never to be forgotten.

A true love story never ends.


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