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Predictions on Where Indie and Self-Publishing is Heading in 2014

by Anthony Chan  •  February 11, 2014

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I’m generally not very fond of making predictions about the future, particularly in the technology space.

Paid Sites For Doing Your Book Promotion

by Miral Sattar  •  January 21, 2014

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So, you’ve written a great book. You’ve gotten a few great reviews. You’ve given away free copies and gotten great feedback. You now want to jumpstart sales and don’t know what to do next.

Sweet! Now You Can Give iBookstore Gifts

by Miral Sattar  •  December 20, 2013

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Sweet! Here’s a great gift for your book lover friends who own an iPad or iPhone. Apple iBookstore now let’s you give  individual books as gifts

BookVibe’s New Tool to Keep Track of your Book Mentions

by Miral Sattar  •  December 17, 2013

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There are always new tools popping up for authors everyday. One that stands out in particular is a tool called BookVibe Alerts. BookVibe Alerts simply let’s you input your book information into the console and keep track of all your book mentions on Twitter.

How Self-Publishing has Changed over the Years

by Andrea Jamison  •  December 10, 2013

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If you are a self published author, I am sure you can recall a time not so long ago when finding ways to distribute and market your book was a Herculean challenge. You had to be creative, business savvy, and sometimes a little demanding in order to get the recognition and respect you deserved.

Did you Participate in #NaNoWriMo and Looking to Self-Publish?

by Miral Sattar  •  November 30, 2013

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Did you participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)? Congrats on reaching the finishing line! For all writers we’re offering 50% off our Author Concierge Service membership for NaNoWriMo winners ($120 value), and 20% off for all participants with code NANO.

Our Black Friday And Cyber Monday 75% Off Sale

by Miral Sattar  •  November 28, 2013

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Not only do we have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for you, but we have a special discount to the Mediabistro Self-Publishing Intensive.

Phone Consultation for your Book for #NaNoWriMo

by Miral Sattar  •  November 21, 2013

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Hey, wrimos! As we mentioned before, we’re an official sponsor for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Publishing Startup Highlight – Write or Read

by Miral Sattar  •  September 10, 2013

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Our friends over at Write or Read just launched their subscription startup site for e-books. We had a chance to check it out and it’s pretty slick!

Publishing Startup Highlight – Widbook – Youtube for Books

by Miral Sattar  •  July 16, 2013

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Publishing startups are popping up like weeds. Widbook launched roughly a year ago, and is one that is seeming to gain some traction.