FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Our New Site

  • Wait. What happened to the old site?
    The old site is still accessible here if you still have open projects. We will keep the old site open for a few monts month.
  • What if I’m a VIP member?
    We will be migrating your information to the new site. In the meantime just send us an email to contact at bibliocrunch.com if you want us to expedite your migration.


Signing Up

  • Who should sign up for Bibliocrunch?
    Bibliocrunch is for everyone who wants to publish a book. Whether you are a first-time indie author or an established author, you will need to hire a professional to get your book into the marketplace.
  • Who is the platform for?
    1) Authors (self, indie, traditional, unpublished)
    2) Publishers (of all sizes)
    3) Journalists
    4) Bloggers
    5) Publishing Professionals
  • Can anyone sign up for BiblioCrunch?
    Yes, anyone CAN sign up for Bibliocrunch.

    • Authors –  can sign up as an author. Authors can post projects, add their books, and launch giveaways to promote their books.
    • Freelancers – can create a profile to showcase their work, but only vetted freelancers can apply to projects.
    • Readers – can join Bibliocrunch to support their favorite authors and get free swag.

Getting Started

  • How do I get started if I am an author?
    Check out our How It Works page for step-by-step guidance.
  • How do I get started if I am an author AND a publishing professional?
    You will need to create two separate profiles. We are planning on merging them soon.
  • How do I get started if I am a publishing professional?
    Check out our How It Works page for step-by-step guidance.


  • Is there a fee for posting projects?
    There is no fee to post your publishing project.
  • How do I post a project?
    Once you register, you can go to your profile and “Post a Project.”
  • How do I post a featured project?
    Posting a featured job costs $25. Featured projects show up at the top of the work queue. You can select this option during the second step of the “Post New Project” workflow.


  • How do I get paid?
    Once someone accepts your proposal, they are under obligation to work with you.  Bibliocrunch holds the money in escrow, and you get paid upon completion of your work. Read our terms of service for more info.
  • Are my payments secure? 
    • Yes. Everyone who can bid on your project uses a secure payment processing system, giving you options to pay with your credit card. Our payment system is done through Braintree Payments (a Paypal company).
  • How long do payments take?
    • Once the author or publisher has added money into escrow you will see the status of the payment show up on your transactions page.
    • Once the payment shows ‘released (settled)’ it can take anywhere from 3-5 days to show up on in the freelancer’s bank account.
    • Our payments are handled by Braintree Paypal, so we can always check on the status of a payment for you if need be.
  • How do I access proposals submitted to my project
    • Once a freelancer has submitted a proposal to your project, you will get an email notification. You can access the proposal by logging in to your Bibliocrunch account and clicking on the link in the email notification.
    • You can also access proposals by logging in:
      * Go to the ‘Projects’ tab
      * Click on ‘Open Projects’
      * Click on your project
      * Scroll down to proposals and click on ‘Details’
    • Our payments are handled by Braintree Paypal, so we can always check on the status of a payment for you if need be.
  • How do I release a payment once I’ve funded my project? 
    • To release a payment to a freelancer:
      * Login to Bibliocrunch
      * Navigate to your project by clicking on the ‘Projects’ tab
      * Click on the desired project
      * Scroll down to the winner and click on ‘Details’
      * Once you’re on the proposal page on the right side of the page there should be a link titled, “Go to Release Project Funds’
      * On that page, you would release the relevant payment
  • What if I’m a non-US  freelancer? We are launching international support in the next couple of months. Right now only US-based freelancers can get paid through our system.


  • Who can see my profile?
    There are three types of accounts on Bibliocrunch. If you have “About” filled out in your profile section, you will appear in one of the following directories.

1) Author
2) Vetted Freelancers
3) Reader

  • My professional profile is not showing up in search/directory. What do I do? Make sure you have your bio filled out. If the problem persists, please Contact Us.

Vetted Freelancers

  • How do I get added to the vetted freelancer directory? 
  • When you join Bibliocrunch as a professional you should be taken your profile page. Once you’ve filled out your ‘About’ section, added your ‘Skills’ and inputted your website URL, an email gets sent to our management team. We will review your account and let you know within a week whether you have been approved. If we need more information we will request more information.
  • Who can submit proposals to jobs?
  • Only pre-screened, vetted freelancers can submit proposals to jobs on Bibliocrunch.

Other Questions

  • Help! I’ve never published anything before. But I want to try self-publishing. What do I do?
    Once you have an active account, you should check out our VIP Services and considering upgrading. We walk VIP members through the process of self-publishing step by step.
  • How do I know if a professional is reliable?
    Each professional on our platform has a profile so you can see their former reviews, experience, and portfolio. We vet our freelancers and make them complete an application process before they are allowed to submit proposals for projects.


Royalties and Ownership

    • Are you a publisher?
      No, Bibliocrunch is not a publisher. We don’t take royalties or ownership of your book. You keep the rights to your book.
    • Does Bibliocrunch take royalties? No, we provide the necessary tools so authors can self-publish.