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Hire a Trusted Professional

Post a project and watch the proposals pour in from our curated list of publishing professionals. You’ll be able to view rated and reviewed professionals that provide editorial, design, marketing, author website design, and other book publishing services.

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Good communication between you and your publishing professional is essential. Use our online project management system to send messages, chat, upload files, and track progress.

Pay With Ease

We offer a variety of payment methods: e-check, PayPal and credit card. Choose a method that is most convenient for you. Our payments are secure and you can negotiate deposits and terms with the person your select to work with.

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Hire our award-winning professionals to publish the best book possible. We want to make sure your book stands out. Already have a book? You can use our platform to host contests and build a following.

Rate Your Experience

We love feedback so rate your experience, write a review, and earn posts for reviewing the person or company you worked with.

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Want to grow your fan base or promote your book? Give readers incentives to follow you on Twitter, fan you on Facebook, or join your mailing list by hosting a contest.