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Giveaway Winners!

by Kate Tilton •  September 25, 2012  •   Follow

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Out of all of the cool things I do for my job my favorite has to be when I get to giveaway  awesome things to people.

And today is one of those awesome days.

As a thank you and welcome to our new blog we offered three prizes, and here are the winners!

  • Premium membership on BiblioCrunch($118 value) goes to Alicia Kat D. (@KatGirl_Studio)!
  • Get featured in our author promotions goes to Elena W. (@elenaaitken)!
  • Free copy of our NYC dessert guide goes to Genevieve D. (@nightowlspress)!

Thank you for all who entered the contest, left comments, and supported our blog launch! Stay tuned for more great interviews, events, news, and tips!

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