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Publishing News Roundup Series: Adults Taking Over the Children’s Market

by Maureen Crisp •  December 12, 2016  •   Follow

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The hottest genre right now to adults is not a genre at all-its children’s books!

Recently publishers have been going wild with re-publishing children’s books for adults. Many believe that it has been a reaction due to the massive success of adult coloring books. The only thing that we do know is this is not just a new fad, and its going to continue to grow-to the happiness of adult readers, of course!


The Writers Enemy


This week I have been noticing the adult takeover of the children’s book world. First it was colouring in books – for adults and now book publisher Workman is following this up with sticker books and other childhood past times aimed at adults. Is this a blurring of the ages or a cynical ploy to keep publishers afloat? Children’s books have not taken the print hit that adult books have taken. Hodder must be rubbing its hands at the foresight to trademark Enid Blyton’s name as Joanna Penn mentions in this great article on intellectual property. How many adults will be receiving a new Enid Blyton book for Christmas this year?


Children’s writers have been discussing ways they can help children come to terms with the next four years in US politics. As other writers have pointed out now is the time to write inspirational stories to foster hope. 18 children’s writers look at writing girl characters.


Anne R Allen has written a cracker of a post on writer’s enemies. You know the ones who slyly put you down or criticize you. Sometimes they can be in your own head. Anne gives advice on how to recognise them and deal with them.


December is when your thoughts turn to the big edit of your NaNoWriMo novel. Roz Morris suggests putting it away until after Christmas… for very good reasons.


Dean Wesley Smith has a great article on writing for yourself- Artistic choice and making money.


Donald Maass is a contributor to Writer Unboxed as well as being a respected agent and writing coach. This week he wrote about aiming to answer the big questions in your writing. Putting your purpose on the page is one of those stand out posts that make you reframe your thinking around writing. A must read. (As are the comments.)

In The Craft Section,

How to punch up your action scenes– Janice Hardy- Bookmark
Your never ending writing improvement program– James Scott Bell- Bookmark ( I have this writing book and it is a little gem!)

In The Marketing Section,

Print pricing piracy– The Book Designer-Must Read
What is a hybrid publisher– Jane Friedman-Bookmark

To Finish,

It wouldn’t be December without a host of ideas for writerly gifts. I spent a long time in front of journal and pen displays today before finding a great writerly gift for my Christmas draw. So if you need some
inspiration check out this list from Ava Jae and if the writer has everything… this list from Bookriot.
My To Do list is getting long. Ahh the joys of Christmas, the end of the school year and summer in the Southern Hemisphere.



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