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Publishing News Roundup Series: Amazon’s Crackdown on Fake Reviewers

by Maureen Crisp •  October 26, 2015  •   Follow

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This week we’re talking about Amazon cracking down on fake reviewers.

We will be discussing the benefits of Amazon’s new move and how it will clean up self publishing and help as well as possibly hurt some indie authors:


Thoughts in Translation

This week Amazon announced they were cracking down on fake reviewers. GULP went all the authors. Authors always think the worst. So what does it mean? Passive Guy takes a look at why Amazon has tweaked the review system. It’s all about trust.


The Frankfurt Book Fair has been happening and suddenly everyone is talking about translations. Germany just happens to be a huge market for translations. The Bookseller talks about the move to global authorship.


Amazon is in the translation business (of course) and Publishing Perspectives this week talked about the huge injection of cash into Amazon Crossing and sounded a note of caution to the translators who make it all happen.


Joanne Harris delivered a speech this week at the Manchester Literary Festival which is getting shared all around the internet. Why do people expect authors to work for free? Do readers ever ask what does the author wants from them? This is a fabulous read!


Jami Gold asks authors – What is your long term plan? This is one of those posts that have you thinking for a long time after you read it.Every author should read this.


This author life has its ups and downs, Lance Rubin wrote a great post on blocking out the noise and just creating.


Sometimes you come across a piece of writing that turns you on your ear and that you just have to share with someone. That happened to me this week when I heard a podcast interview with Paul Bishop on Authorbiz. I listened to it in the car and then couldn’t wait to share the ideas with my
writing partner. Just WOW.


In the Craft Section,
Now Novel has two great articles- What is good writing and Guide to Writing a Romance novel

The secret power of Voice – James Scott Bell

Tips for Queriers– query, synopsis, first page

Brainstorming the hero – Angela Ackerman

Letting go of the practice novel– Writer Unboxed- Bookmark!

Turning a unique phrase – Joanna Penn


In the Marketing Section,

5 basic elements of an Author website – The Book Designer – Bookmark


Website of the Week.
Larry Brooks has an excellent website full to bursting with great content on writing. Here are just two recent stand out posts. The unspoken pinch point – climax and How to plan your novel in 6 weeks. Both are bookmark posts!


To Finish,
Infographics… Translating lots of information into handy charts. The 8 infographics every author needs and The infographic for how to organise your writing desk.
And now you know everything.




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