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Publishing News Roundup Series: Are Amazon Ads Worth It?

by Maureen Crisp •  September 26, 2018  •   Follow

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Indie authors can market any way they want, but is the cost always worth it?

As an indie author, one gets a lot of freedom to market their message in the exact way they want. The downside being that everything is paid directly out of pocket. Companies like Amazon have lured indie authors in with the promise of publishing freedom, but as ad pricing continues to increase, will indie perks become indie burdens?


Surviving Career Custard Pies

Pic; Atlas Obscura- The Perils 1947 Custard Pies


In the publishing blogosphere this week….


K-boards is a well known chat forum for authors who publish on Amazon. This week the news that K -boards was sold from the deceased estate of its founder to a tech company caused hardly a ripple in the smooth working of the forum until participants noticed changes in the terms of service that were unusual and upsetting. It could get very messy. The Passive Guy brought his lawyer eye to figure out what was what.


Apple has quietly changed its bookstore. No more iBooks… Apple books are here to stay. Apple have some nifty new revamps to the bookstore.


The rising cost of Amazon ads has caught authors on the hop. The suggested price to start bidding has risen by 25%. The Alliance of Independent Authors great blog highlights and examines this situation. This has been a big topic of conversation around the indie publishing blogosphere.


It’s Book Launch week for me. Do you know any quirky confident beginning readers? I have a great book series launching now based in a traveling circus… add in some codes… and you get custard pies thrown… Um No. Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy has a list of unconventional book launch ideas


Agent Janet Reid has an interesting answer to a reader question on what happens when you have fired your agent but they still have an interest in the books that they submitted on your behalf. How long do they have their claws in me?


Kris Rusch comments of the hits an authors career takes when a publisher makes a stupid decision… The latest stupid decision – Tor stopping libraries from accessing their new releases. 


Chuck Wendig has an interesting post on his blog today about writing careers being a series of cliff mitigation exercises. This is a super read. It is thought provoking especially when joined with Kris Rusch’s blog. 


I flicked this link on Book Covers to my fabulous Cover Designer Adele Jackson. This is a fascinating roundup of the cover designers on Instagram. If Typography and pretty colours are your thing – take a look!


3 writing techniques adapted from the visual arts– This is a great post by Tess Callahan on Writers Digest. 

In The Craft Section,

How to write exceptional endings– September Fawkes- Bookmark
What’s at stake– Michael Hauge- Bookmark
Sweeter than tea– Writing tips

In The Marketing Section,

Biggest Bookbub ad mistakes– Bookbub- Bookmark!!
The Ins and Outs of Contests– Writers on the move
David Gaughran has a fascinating guest post from Nicholas Erik. This is a MUST READ if you are advertising on FB or Amazon.

To Finish,

Anne R Allen has put together a handy list of books to help writers when they feel discouraged, blocked or feeling like they are not a real writer. This is EVERYONE. We all feel like this at times. Her list has been extensively added to in the comments so make sure you read them.




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