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Publishing News Roundup Series: B&N Adds Dining Options For a Read and Dine Experience

by Maureen Crisp •  September 5, 2016  •   Follow

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What’s better than reading in a bookstore? Reading in a bookstore where you can also dine and eat.

B&N just announced they are opening four stores with restaurants, so now we literally never have to leave the store. It’s every reader’s dream! However, some in the community aren’t convinced, including Mike Shatzkin who thinks that the constant changing bookselling model with cause these to be a nuisance rather than enjoyable. Other new remodeling is coming from Digital Book World which is expanding into four separately-controlled conferences into one. As these big changes come to the reading and writing community, the publishing world stands by and waits to see the results:


Dining Out


This week Barnes and Noble announced that they were going to mix it up in the bookselling trade by introducing four concept stores with restaurants. So you can now go out to dinner at a bookshop. For some of us that would be perfectly fine. Mike Shatzkin takes a look at this new idea and points out the flaws in their planning. As a publishing futurist he predicts some interesting changes in the bookselling model.


Digital Book Worlds conference next year has morphed into a four track extravaganza. Each strand is being designed by a separate expert. That’s four mini conferences in one. It looks like an interesting line up. (Having programmed multi track conferences myself it looks like a lot of work!) The NZSA has a writers forum weekend coming up. The programme highlights look very familiar. (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)


Staying with Digital Book World… They have an interesting article on audiobooks. Authors can you afford to produce an audiobook? This goes into the nuts and bolts. As always I recommend you read the comments because then you get so much more information.


If you like filling your ears with interesting content then check out the SPA Girls podcast. These romance writers host a 30 minute podcast every week on Self Publishing. They recently attended NZRWA and talk about what it was like learning from screenwriting guru Michael Hauge.


In the recent Edinburgh Book Festival there was anger at the tone of a debate on YA Books with one author saying that 90% of YA is crap. The Guardian picked up on it and explored the arguments supporting and defendingYA.


Garry Rogers has an interesting blog for writers who want to get their crime details right. He recently decided to ask his best selling guests about the tipping point in their respective careers. This is a
fascinating series of mini interviews.


Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are about to celebrate their first anniversary of One Stop For Writers. So of course they have some interesting new features to come. They have just introduced scene mapping and world building tools.


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In The Marketing Section,
Two interesting articles from Joanna Penn. Breakdown of BookSales– an up close look at her last year of sales and Two million books – an interview with a best selling crime writer.
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To Finish,
Jane Friedman has an interesting interview with Sage Cohen about her new book Fierce On The Page. Sage has some great thoughts on giving yourself permission to write and what a fierce writer really means.


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