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Publishing News Roundup Series: Buying Books Keeps Publishing Going

by Maureen Crisp •  December 25, 2018  •   Follow

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Merry Christmas!

If you love the publishing industry you love books. And if you love books, then you should be buying them.

If you want a business to continue, you have to buy the products it makes. Purchasing books keeps the industry alive. And what’s a better Christmas gift than books?


Are You Buying Books For Christmas?

If you want the industry to survive and thrive say Brazilian Publishers, you had better step up and buy some books. This plea from the publishers struck a chord with Booksellers everywhere reports the Guardian. Unfortunately Barnes and Noble seem to have missed that memo.

The FutureBook conference was held last week in London. Among the topics discussed were the rise and rise of Audiobooks, voice technology, and podcasts. Can we make publishing rival Netflix was the cry… With Google entering the audio market we could be seeing interesting times soon.

While you are contemplating the news from FutureBook, Richard Charkin was issuing a list of Don’ts to traditional publishers about 2019 in Publisher’s Weekly. If you read the two articles together you will have a fair idea of the state of play in the publishing world going into the new year.

While Joanna is down under, (Hope the weather in Auckland is nice Joanna!) she is continuing to put interesting articles on her blog. Here are the two latest that I found interesting. Money management for authors and Tips for keeping in a Creative Routine while on holiday.

WriterHQ also has an interesting article on how to stay motivated in the Summer holidays… Tip one- ignore kids and don’t do housework… Roz Morris also has a great blog post on staying in touch with your writing project while navigating your way through Christmas madness.

Jami Gold has a great post on writing rules- what rules? – We don’t need those stinkin’ rules and don’t forget to check out the writing gift Advent calendar from Becca and Angela! 

Reedsy has started a podcast for writers. The focus is on writing craft. Bang2Write reinforces this focus on writing craft by taking issue with the words aspiring writer. (Remember to expunge the word aspiring from your vocabulary at your next Christmas party.)

This week was my last week running away to my creative happy space for the year. I love it because I’m not faced with laundry, dishes, phone calls, etc. (Everybody needs a creative happy space.) My writing buddy and I spent our last day for 2018 studying Suzanne Lakin’s posts on vision and strategy for 2019. These are well worth doing. Check out all the posts in the series and grab your planner. 

In The Craft Section,

Plotting on Notecards– AR Beckert

Lessons from a lost novel- K M Weiland

The pitfalls of writing a series– Gordon Long

Inciting incidents- Reedsy- Bookmark

The hero’s journey– Joseph Campbell- Bookmark

Writing technique- Euphonics– Bookmark

Taking character relationships to the next level– Mythcreants- Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

Visibility– Nicholas Erik- Bookmark

Nate’s big list of free and paid book promo sites– Nate Hoffelder- Bookmark

Twitter advertising infographic– Barb Drozdowich 

Bookbub ads- David Gaughran– Bookmark

Best Book Covers of 2018

14 Twitter apps/tools for writers– Frances Caballo

Indie Authors – empowered

To Finish,

The Christmas decorations are up everywhere you look. The sun is beating down!  It’s a struggle to get the kids out of bed in the last week of school. Let alone make sure all your present buying is done by then. Writer’s gift lists get updated
so you can buy for yourself… always a good idea. But Tara Sparling has the definitive article on what 
a writer really wants for Christmas.


Buy a book for your favourite 6+-year-old. My Circus Quest Series books are available in print and ebook- and you can feel good about buying books for Christmas.   Next blog will be the last blog post for the year… 



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