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Publishing News Roundup Series: Different Ways to Take Part in NaNoWriMo

by Maureen Crisp •  October 31, 2017  •   Follow

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

If there was ever a time for an excuse to write, it is during NaNoWriMo.

Set your goals-its NaNoWriMo time. After many years, NaNoWriMo contestants have come up with many different, unique ways to celebrate. Games, friendly competition between writers, and even parties are just some of the ideas planned for this year. What are you going to be doing to meet your goals?


Motivational Carrots

Pic: Flicker Creative Commons/ Jeremy Keith


It’s nearly November and NaNoWriMo. October is planning for the writing onslaught. If you are thinking about writing 50,000 words in a month check out the latest Spa Girls podcast where the girls have decided to have NaNo writing party. This could be your big inspiration/whip/ carrot…. (fill in motivator here.)
Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have just launched their latest thesaurus and it’s been hotly anticipated. The Emotional Wound Thesaurus is out. As usual they have are great launch giveaway promotion.


Amazon has been trying to nail trolls this week. Think of a giant sledgehammer… Anne R Allen has a great post on the latest machinations in the world of Zon. This is a read it and be warned post… if you read the comments… have tissues.


Meanwhile David Gaughran tireless and fearless defender of the writer has been closely following what is happening to writers who have been rank stripped by Amazon in their crack down. It looks like the trolls are fighting back and Amazon is stumbling around looking for them in all the wrong places.


This week all over Social Media there was a campaign to show how many people had been affected by sexual harassment. The #metoo campaign even touched publishing… that bastion of good manners and correct behaviour. Hair curling stuff!


As the holiday season approaches many authors will find themselves manning stands at book fairs. Here is a little post full of tips for the hand selling authors out there.


Hallmark loves the holiday season. Christmas cards… holiday movies on its television channel… book publishing…. Book Publishing? Yes. If you have a clean holiday themed romance or mystery Hallmark wants to talk to you!

In The Craft Section,

Idea to novel workshop– Janice Hardy- Bookmark
Formulaic story structure– K M Weiland – Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

How to build a media kit– Molly Greene
How to make Perennial Bestsellers– Ryan Holiday- Joanna Penn podcast- Bookmark
David Gaughran looks at the two marketing systems of Amazon– Bookmark
Draft 2digital templates– Elizabeth S Craig

To Finish,

Resources and deals are always around at NaNoWriMo time.  If you haven’t checked out the NaNo Storybundle of writing craft books you should.  Jane Friedman has a chapter in a new book on Editing that looks interesting. Judy Blume has joined the Master Class teaching website. If you write for kids this Master Class series could be just the motivator present you are looking for! I’m tempted… Are you?



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