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Publishing News Roundup Series: Finding That Wow Factor For Your Book

by Maureen Crisp •  May 17, 2017  •   Follow

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Everyone thinks there is some secret sauce to get their book to number one, and they will do anything to get to it.

But sometimes by doing that they miss the chances in front of them. Sometimes taking the long haul is worth it. Taking extra steps can help you get your book to where you want it.


Your Writing Dream World


Just before I wrote this I was watching a YouTube clip about a teen who was on Britain’s Got Talent with an amazing voice. Simon Cowell hit the golden button and she was showered with golden tickets… It was her dream come true.


Here in writing land we all secretly wish for The Phonecall or The Surprise Party from the Movie Studio… or even that someone else makes dinner so you can stay in your imaginary world. Living in your writing dream world can be a great escape from the real world at the moment. But it is always wise to keep one eye on what is happening in publishing outside your study door.
So did you hear about Amazon changing the Buy Button links on their book pages? Any 3rd party vendor can bid for that link. The publisher doesn’t necessarily get the sale. The Independent Book Publishers Association is not happy. Does this open the door to pirates?
The Outline talked with a few publishing exec’s about what effects cutting some of the best seller lists from The New York Times would have on publishing overall. It was a bit grim for debut authors. Consolidated and Conservative is not what you want to hear.
Kobo has a nifty new feature starting up called Kobo Plus. And it looks just like… Kindle Unlimited except without the exclusivity…. Is it a dream come true for authors?
Molly Greene had a reader contact her about her books. After a conversation Molly asked the reader to write a blog post for her about what readers want. This is a fascinating glimpse into the power reader mindset.
David Gaughran is a sharp cookie and he has a standout post on data. How does the ‘also boughts’ on your book page affect your sales. Who is Amazon pointing to your book? Sometimes it’s not your dream audience.
Anne R Allen has a great post on career mistakes. She’s made them so you don’t have to. It’s always wise to find out what not to do before you jump in to what looks like the dream pool.
Jane Friedman has a great post on how a book can become a bestseller and a post on Author Collectives... I keep saying this is the way to go… Get your writing friends together, you might be the next Bloomsbury!
Kristen Lamb touches on a topic that has been worrying some authors. There are many predators out there wanting to sell you a course promising great things for your writing career. How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Before you flick out your wallet check out what she has to say.
Alli – The Alliance of Independent Authors, has another excellent Indie Fringe online conference event coming up.  Check out Orna’s talk with Porter Anderson on why Book Expo America has changed its name and dumped its successful Indie hub.
You have found the most amazing song that fits your book so well… BUT what is the thinking around using song lyrics. Check out this post before you unleash a nightmare with your book.
Angela Ackerman, besides researching her great Emotion Thesaurus line of books, often finds other cool reference sites for authors. Here she lists her favourites and they are awesome. 

In The Craft Section,

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In The Marketing Section,

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To Finish,
Darcy Pattison an Indie Children’s Book author recently had a guest post on The Highlights Foundation Blog. In her article she listed the 50 things Indie Publishers had to do for each book. You will need a lie down…
but like all dreams they can come true with hard work, perseverance, knowledge, whiskey…


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