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Publishing News Roundup Series: How Authors Will Combat the Decrease of Book Sales

by Maureen Crisp •  April 12, 2019  •   Follow

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An author makes a living on the sales of their books.

What happens when the sales prices continue to go down? How will authors maintain their careers. And what will authors do to combat this?


The All You Can Eat Buffet

In the publishing blogosphere this week…

Mark Coker had an interesting article in Publishers Weekly about the commodification of books and how publishers must fight the dragging down of book prices.

Patreon has changed the way artists get paid. It is crowdsourcing funding directly to the artist, like the art patrons of old. Patreon has increased its fees but not by much. They have some other irons in the fire that will be interesting for artists.

The EU has passed new copyright rules. Essentially you now have to vouch for all the content on your website. Academics have not been happy with the proposed law with many signing open letters of complaint that it will hurt authors.

Apple is getting into subscription-based content starting with the news. They had their big announcement this week. The question is are they going to take on the Zon subscription service and extend it to books…

Writers can suffer from extreme loneliness. Stuck in a room all day crouched over a computer never seeing the sun… The Guardian recently had an article looking at the home office work lifestyle and made some practical suggestions for a healthy balance.

Jane Friedman recently had a guest post with four Kidslit authors who related their experiences of straddling a trad published and indie published life. Go in with your eyes open.

Staying with Kidlit. Mary Kole has an interesting article on how to get literary themes into your writing for children.

Kris Rusch has an excellent post on grammar. Kris explains how your use of punctuation directly feeds into your author voice. This is a fascinating deep dive into just what constitutes author voice.

Middle Grade Ninja has a great post on how to write fantasy quickly and Anne R Allen has a fabulous post on using Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s. If you don’t know what either of these terms mean you MUST read the post. Your readers will thank you.

In The Craft Section,
4 pacing tricks– K M Weiland- Bookmark

6 mistakes that can kill a great plot- Mythcreants- Bookmark

British vs American English– dictionary- Bookmark

When should I enter or exit a scene– Seth Myers- 

Creating Compelling Cadence– Writersinthestorm- Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,
Using video marketing– Frances Caballo

Using exclusive content to market- Bookfunnel- Bookmark

Using map artists– Alli blog

13 copywriting tips to help write a better novel– Writers Digest

Self Publishing Formula podcast– The necessity of mailing lists- Excellent show!

To Finish,
Janice Hardy has rounded up all the story archetypes in one big master plot article. This is where you decide if you are writing a quest plot with a revenge motif using a golden fleece style adventure. If you have been wondering about where your story fits read this. 



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