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Publishing News Roundup Series: How Playing Nicely With Others Leads to Success

by Maureen Crisp •  December 5, 2016  •   Follow

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Sometimes you have to work with others to get the job done right. In publishing, the same rule applies.

Playing nicely with others, not engaging with bad reviewers, being polite and grateful to all fans-these are things that are essential to keeping a positive reputation as a writer. After your book is published, the sales continue only if you have a positive reputation. Being good to everyone who engages you along the way is the simple solution to keeping that going.


Backwards and Forewards


This week I was sitting in a radio sound booth talking about what’s been happening in publishing over the year and it struck me that the same themes were being revisited.
Playing Nicely With Others.– That means… 
No engaging with bad reviewers. 
Treat ALL Social Media as searchable. 
(this includes private messages and emails!)
Pay the writer/illustrator for their time. (Festivals and visits)


Research Everything.– That means…
Contracts- every clause!
Offers of publishing- (Know what you are getting into.)
Agents and competitions (The scams out there are amazing!)


Publishing is leveling out. That means…
Most publishers have either amalgamated or disappeared or are leaner. 
Many authors are now hybrid. (mix of Trad and Indie publishing)
Kristine Rusch put together a nice post on writing what you want to write, this week -Following on from Thanksgiving. 
Jane Friedman also asks Do you know what you are capable of? These are great food for thought posts going into the Christmas season.
Several writers I follow have Patreon accounts. An age old idea with a new twist. If you have ever wondered what they are about check out this article.


Book reviews – A new kid on the block is quietly changing children’s publishing in the UK and it is… a kid with a book review site.


Now that NaNoWriMo is finished…. December is NaNoEditMo and agents hate January because then those novels are sent out. Are you following all the right steps before you hit publish?
What is in every bestselling book? Sarah Juckes took a look and came up with 10 must haves.
Dan Blank asks What do Publishers and agents want from authors? and the first thing is… that they know who their audience is and where to find them. This is an interesting Writer Unboxed article. Rachelle Gardner backs this up with a very detailed article about publishing readiness
Jane Friedman has a great guest post from Paula Munier on the importance of the first scene and what you should put into it. Lots of food for thought.

In The Craft Sectioon,

How to write scene outlines- KM Weiland – Bookmark
Red flags in editing– Meg Latorre Snyder- Bookmark
Deconstructing a Romance Novel-Tina Radcliffe- Bookmark
Rhythm and Pacing-Jennie Nash- Bookmark
Agent Janet Reid on Plotting
The emotional pinch point- Ann Greenwood Brown -Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

9 tips for your book launch– Frances Caballo- Bookmark

To Finish,

December has crept up and pounced. The annual complaint of why do we have Northern Hemisphere snow songs when it’s climbing past 25 degrees in the shade is being heard. (Ronan Keating finds this out)
Thoughts turn to Writer Christmas presents. (You can never have too many pens…)  and what the writer might like to receive. 




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