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Publishing News Roundup Series: How to Recognize Stress Overload in Authors

by Maureen Crisp •  March 6, 2017  •   Follow

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Writing is the absolute best. But even writing can wear us out at times.

Being a self-published author gives one the freedom to publish their book how they want, with all the amazing things that authors want their book to represent. However, sometimes dealing with all the different aspects of publishing can stress a person out. Making sure the marketing is getting to the readers you want, the cover is the look you’re going for, and making sure your publicity message is coming across properly are all aspects that need to be maintained constantly on top of your writing. The stress from it all can be tolling on an author’s talent. How do we keep the writing momentum from burning out?


The Act Of Writing


I was reflecting this week on the dark night of the soul. That’s the part of the book at the end of act 2 when the protagonist has to make a choice and carry on….  This week I was coming across articles that could have come from the dark night of the writers soul.
The Book Designer had an article about another publisher who went belly up owing millions in law suits. He did some quick author life saving. Recognise the signs and Beware Sharks!
Ruth Harris had an article on how to recognise overload in writers. Is it stress or burnout?
March McCarron had one on data loss and what to do when it strikes you.
Book works has a comprehensive article on estate planning for authors.
Tara Sparling asks if there is a slush pile on our Kindles?


And then there were the glimmers of dawn…
Heather Webb kicked off a great discussion on Writer Unboxed on what fiction trends say about us.
Joanna Penn added a list of great writing books everyone should read.
Elizabeth Craig had a great article on organisation. How do you organise your life around your writing…
The moments when the dawn shadows revealed rocks that looked like dragons…


Roz Morris on whether you are showing off or sharing your writing. Should you be killing your darlings? A great read. What is your motivation…
Fine Art Views on the depth of your fan growth. Is it quantity over quality? How can you engage them better in what you produce?
Kris Rusch on Writer finances in a paycheck world. What you should be doing with that unexpected windfall of cash.


Now the sun is up and you can see what lies in the shadows… and just when you think the way seems clear news comes out that a large bookstore chain is secretly opening up independent shops in a trojan horse play….


You need to arm yourself with the best apps for writers going into the third act.

In The Craft Section,

Zero Draft 30– An interesting writing challenge.
The dark night of the soul– Sara Letourneau – Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

Optimising the back cover-Bookworks- Bookmark
Social Media Checklist– Caitlin Burgess
Is expecting help to market your books lazy?- Excellent discussion from Rachel Thompson
Newsletter surveys– Kate Tilton – Bookmark

To Finish,

Chuck Wendig has put together his vital list of writing advice that you cannot ignore as you head out into the third act salt mines and to the eventual glory of writing the words… The End.



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