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Publishing News Roundup Series: How to Redesign Your Writing Life

by Maureen Crisp •  July 18, 2018  •   Follow

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Every person has a routine of some sort. With writer’s it usually has to do with the way they write.

Whether you’re a night writer, a day writer, with or without a day job writers always tend to have a writing routine. Every once in a while, however, a writer wants to redesign their writing and their image. In order to do this sometimes a writer just needs to redesign their entire writing life. But how do we do this correctly? And how do we maintain it?



In the publishing blogosphere this week…
Jane Friedman has taken a middle of the year look at how 2018 is shaping up publishing wise. What is trending? Who stays strong… and what really is going on in the back lists. This is well worth reading to get a sense of what is changing in publishing. If you are chasing a Trad deal come prepared with a marketing plan along with your synopsis to editors.


Joanna Penn always has interesting guests on her podcast. I have only just managed to catch up with two of her latest podcasts. David Kadavy on redesigning your writing life and Book editing tips with Natasa Lekic from NY Book editors. Both great podcasts.


Publishing Perspectives has an interesting article with Sara Sargent of Harper Collins children’s division on how they are sourcing content from Wattpad. They are working with Wattpad to identify strong authors and offering book deals. They call it the reverse engineering traditional publishing and are looking at compressed timelines etc. With Wattpad becoming a content curator for film and TV studios it is worth authors taking a look.


The Book Designer blog run by Joel Friedlander is another source of great content. Joel runs a monthly cover design award along with his wonderful book templates and an active blog on book marketing. Recently Joan Stewart had an interesting article on working with journalists to get good media coverage for your book.


This week Kris Rusch looks at a problem all writers would like to have… what if that unexpected windfall in the bank account is the start of great new things to come. How long should you wait before spending the checks? It’s an interesting dilemma. Are you prepared for success?
Lately it seems that everywhere I go on the podcasts or the internet or Twitter Dave Chesson pops up. I don’t mind as Dave has loads of great information for Indie Authors. This week he was guesting over at Anne R Allens’s blog with a post on achieving Zen mastery in writing efficiency.

In The Craft Section,

Writing descriptions that wow– Linda Clare- Bookmark
Hero goals– Scribe meets world
The Rainbow editing method– Angela Donofrio- Bookmark

In The Marketing section,

Promo Stacking effective strategies-Writtenword media- Bookmark
Two great posts from the Bookbub blog- free tools to build book buzz and Creative ways to use images- Bookmark
Author Bio’s– Rachelle Gardner
What promo items do authors really need– Careerauthors- Bookmark
13 pre order strategies– Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark
It’s Ingram Sparks birthday… They have a free deal going.

To Finish,

School holidays and procrastination… All I want to do is sleep in and recharge. That’s what I tell my children whom I have to drag out of bed in term time. So I sleep in… and they get out of bed before the alarm to play on computers… hmmm, a role reversal here. I really need this post on 5 ways writers can be productive while procrastinating.


If you are watching a lot of movies this holidays… take notice of the films with the wrong main character…. Did the writer or the director get it wrong? This article has me looking at the films in a whole new way…




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