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Publishing News Roundup Series: How to Start Off the Self-Publishing New Year Right

by Maureen Crisp •  December 21, 2017  •   Follow

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Everyone is getting ready for the new year, especially writers and artists.

From self-publishing companies changing policies, to more company podcasts, the new year looks like it will have a fresh new face for self-publishing. Self-publishing itself is still thriving happily. Many traditional companies have tried and failed to copy its style, but there is truly nothing else like it. It can’t be mimicked and it will last through the changing publishing tides.


Present and Future Plans


We are rapidly coming to the end of the year. Thoughts turn to finishing up projects before Christmas, the ideal Christmas presents and what projects to start 2018 with.


In the publishing blogosphere Patreon decided this week that increasing charges to people who were only paying a small sum to artists was the way to position themselves for the coming year. They could not have got it more wrong. Artists value their Patrons. Most creative’s have a lot of small donor patrons. These people often support many artists by sharing a couple of dollars a month around a lot of people. It all adds up. The backlash was swift. Patreon realised its blunder today. However the whole experience has left a sour taste in many peoples mouths.


Mark Coker of Smashwords has begun a podcast. He has launched with a few episodes that everyone is talking favorably about. If you listen to podcasts about the writing business you should check it out.


Rachel Thompson has a post about the end of year clean up of your Social Media. Just what does this kind of clean up entail? Rachel lists all the things you should be thinking about with the different social media accounts.


Publishers Weekly reported on the Global Kids Connect panelheld in New York last week. What is selling globally at the moment? Trends were discussed and predictions made…


Orna Ross examines the role of the entrepreneur and discovers that being an author ticks all the boxes. However there are some mindset adjustments for authors. Do you believe in yourself?


Kris Rusch has a great blog post on Sustainability. Are you prepared for it? Do you know what it looks like to sustain a career over the long haul? This is a must read post.


Joanna Penn has a great interview with Andy Bromley on selling print books through Ingram and why what they do is so interesting. (P.S. You can always find a discount code to use so it won’t cost you anything.)


The wonderful Tara Sparling has a great post on the 12 days of Christmas for writers except that hers deals with the 12 writing cliches. This is a read and must share with your writing buddies.


Christmas presents for authors… I go into my local stationery shop and spend ages in the journal and pens section… filing boxes are so pretty… Can I justify a new desk… Dream about an office… BuildBook Buzz has a list of gifts for readers and writers… and check out thisgift guide from the Millions website… of course you need book wallpaper.


Some bright spark has compiled all of J K Rowling’s writing advice. It’s good advice too

In The Craft Section,

Story Immersion – Improve your reader’s experience-Jefferson Smith- Bookmark
Q & A on Coming of Age stories– Michael Hauge- Bookmark
Mastering Showing vs Telling– Meg Latorre Snyder Bookmark
The power of writing groups– Writer Unboxed- Bookmark
Piller 2 for the writer – Mentoring- Art Holcomb- Bookmark
Adapting a novel into a screenplay– Alex Bloom- Bookmark
Digging Into Deep Revision– Beth Camp- Bookmark

In The Marketing Section,

How to sell more paperbacks in December– Self publishing Advice blog
10 major areas Authors must focus on– BookMarketing Buzz- Bookmark

To Finish,

Book Covers… They make or break your book. I always try to drop into Joel Friedlander’s Book Cover Monthly Design Awards  Lindsey Vontz from 99 designs has a look at the Top trends in Book Covers for 2018. Typography is the in thing… Lets go crazy with font…


And while we are playing with letters… Take a look at this Fantasy Pseudonym Name Generator… You could plan a whole writing career for a pseudonym over the Christmas break….



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