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Publishing News Roundup Series: Is Gender Bias Still Happening in Children’s Reading

by Maureen Crisp •  March 12, 2018  •   Follow

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Many in the publishing industry argue that limiting young reading due to gender bias is something of the past in publishing. Other’s believe this is not so.

Authors are still experiencing segmentation in their readership due to gender biases. Particularly at author experiences like school events, author’s works are still being labeled as ‘girl books’ or ‘boy books.’ It seems to be the gatekeepers of these children’s books who are still labeling gender biases on these authors. How can we, as publishing professionals, educate the gatekeepers to get rid of these biases?


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How often this week have you wondered about the motivations of people?
Shannon Hale is a top notch children’s author. She recently wrote a post on her experiences with school visits where she was introduced as a girls writer. She has some interesting strategies to challenge this opening but she raises an interesting question- Are we unconsciously limiting boys reading due to gender bias?


This week The NY Times launched a new best seller list.Audio. This will be interesting as Audible (owned by Amazon) has 90% of the market and they never share data…
Draft2Digital, ebook aggregator, has introduced a new nifty feature, book formatting for print books. You can use this feature for free.


Nick Stephenson has an interesting blog for Indie publishers. This week he profiled an author who amassed 3000 rabid fans before the book was out by creating the world the book is set in. It is a fascinating story… if you are into world building check it out.


When was the last time you walked into a bookstore? Was it an Indie bookstore? Did you feel the difference? Julie Rosenberg on Writer Unboxed has a post on how important Indie bookstores are becoming.


Penny Sansevieri has written a great post on Amazon ads. If you have wondered about how they work this is the post to read and Bookmark.


Roz Morris has a great post on the five stages of book production and why Indie publishers should follow them in strict order. Not only will it save you heartache it will also save you money!


Anne R Allen has a great post on choosing character names. For me the story doesn’t start until I have the character name sorted. It is so important. If you have ever struggled with getting the right name check this

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To Finish,

What’s the opposite of a dystopian world… If you said utopian you would be nearly right. There is a new Sci Fi kid on the block… Solar Punk and its mission is to promote an alternative future within reach… oooh Shiny!

Hands up if you’ve stretched today while sitting at your computer.  Here are 5 tips to get that author body moving so you can invent more independent and unique characters.



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