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Publishing News Roundup Series: Jenny Trout’s Rebuttal Against the Washington Post

by Maureen Crisp •  November 9, 2015  •   Follow

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This week Jenny Trout writes a rebuttal against Washington Post’s article on plagiarism in romance.

In other news, Amazon has opened a bookstore in Seattle. The online company that has been knocking all the brick and mortars out of business is now going into the physical business itself. Authors wait in curiosity to see what how this will affect their self-publishing sector. This week we will also be talking about the gender bias that is still going on in particular publishing genres, and how authors and readers are handling it:



Genre Bashing


This week I have been reflecting on the idiocy still perpetuated that somehow literary genres read by a majority of women are inferior to other literary genres.


Romance novelists were taken aback by a snarky article on plagiarism at the Washington Post this week. Instead of talking about the plagiarism that had been discovered the journalist went for the who-can-
tell-because-it’s-not-real-writing angle.


Jenny Trout writes an excellent rebuttal and if you want to further enjoy the smack down read the comments following her post about Shakespeare.
Amazon has changed its Kindle Unlimited payouts again. At the same time as doing this it has finally (after twenty years of business) taken the plunge and opened a bookstore in Seattle. Just one… with 6000 books, a lot of them face out on the shelf….
If you are diving into NaNoWriMo and have popped your head up for air, check out Chuck Wendig’s post on surviving it… November besides being the month of insane novel writing is also Non Fiction month. Nicola Morgan had a passionate post on the lack of recognition to our Non Fiction children’s writers.
Anne R Allen has written a post that has been passed around the blogosphere – 5 delusions that block writers from succeeding. The speed of the sharing showed that many writers found some truths in this excellent post.
Jane Friedman takes a look at literary journals… the struggles of writers to get published echo the struggles of these journals to publish.
In the Craft Section,
Two great posts on dialogue tags- Actions speak louder from C S Lakin and 10 dialogue mistakes from Marcy Kennedy – Bookmark both!

5 smart tips to write a draft at speed– Roz Morris –Bookmark

Planning a Character Arc – Angela Ackerman
In the Marketing Section,

Trying new things for visibility– Elisabeth S Craig

Author marketing –ways to support your writer friends without compromising your own platform.
To Finish,
Stephen Pressfield and Black Irish books have a great series of videos on The Story Grid which you should check out for NaNoWriMo. Darcy Pattison has some tips to help you carve out a writing life.

If you are a fan of popular podcast serial Night Vale…
Then look out for the book. It is 2015 and publishing has changed. Now we can take podcasts and get big publishing deals.

The new Canadian Prime Minister was sworn in this week. Three
words have echoed around Twitter following the swearing in ceremony. It’s a
reflection on long it has taken and that we still have a way to go.






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