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Publishing News Roundup Series: Knowing When to Walk Away From a Publishing Deal

by Maureen Crisp •  October 3, 2016  •   Follow

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Everyone wants their book published, but when is it the time to just walk away from a deal that may not be worth it?

And how do you know when to spot the signs that its not the deal for you? Make a list of your wants and make sure that you get your top needs in every publishing deal. Eventually you will come to a crossroads where you will need to decide if it is the deal for you, or if you should walk away.


Going This Way or That Way


What’s been happening around the writing blogosphere this week….

Bob Mayer was musing this week that publishing has become same old same old. This is an interesting blog post from Bob.  Indie publishing has seen a dip in sales. What can you do about it?


Bookworks has an interesting interview with a family that decided to publish books. Each member works on a different genre. So they set up a publishing company…


Writer Unboxed has a great post on knowing when to walk away from a publishing deal. This is always a hard decision.  Read the comments. It does open up the discussion.


Joanna Penn has a great interview with Toby Neal on keeping a series fresh and price points. This is well worth a read/listen!


Kristine Rusch has finished her excellent Deal Breakers Series and is taking some time to look around at the publishing business now. She talks about the positive changes from Draft 2 Digital and other distribution services.


Nate Hoffelder doesn’t think the UK Society of Authors is going far enough with their request for the UK to adopt an EU directive that would protect authors from a take-it-or- leave-it contract.  When you read the examples your heart does sink a little.


Publishing Perspectives has an interesting interview with Merilyn Simons former head of the Canadian Writers Union on the changing state of publishing in Canada. She looks into the future – to survive Traditional published and Indie published writers might have to merge.
As we move into October… which gets us closer to November… NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. October is traditionally NaNoPrepMo. Janice Hardy has a great post on 5 ways to make the most of October planning.


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To Finish,

Nothing beats a great podcast. You can listen while you do other things… Today while preparing dinner I was listening to the Author Biz podcast with guest Stephanie J Pajonas. It was so interesting I was in danger of burning dinner. Stephanie talked about how she uses auto responder to engage with her email list. How she grows her email list and using Instafreebie…. It was a riveting show.




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