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Publishing News Roundup Series: NaNoWriMo Finishes for the Year

by Maureen Crisp •  December 4, 2018  •   Follow

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NaNoWriMo is finished. Congratulations to what you have written. What’s next?

Now that you have something mostly written, we have to change it into a story for your readers. If it is not finished, its easy to say that next steps is to finish. It is more difficult when it is finished and you are asking what’s next? Now you are finally allowed to do some editing. But do not scratch the project! If it’s a great story that you have worked hard 0n, but it needs some structural work, now is the time. Edit what you can and look to professional editors to help you do the rest. Bibliocrunch’s project post can help!


Are You Chasing Literary Glory?

Pic- couldn’t resist when I saw it…


As we head into the last few days of NaNoWriMo… remember that December is  Na No Edit Mo. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for getting to the end with something written! Take a break and check out some other stories… These are the ten best podcast fiction websites.


Writers Beware is a fantastic website that doubles as a consumer watchdog for writers. Worried about an agent? Think your contract maybe shonky? Check out Writer Beware. This week they have an interesting article about what happens when your agent or publisher files for bankruptcy. And yes this is very important. If you think you get your rights back….


While that is in your mind check out Kris Rusch’s latest blog where she talks about the Sears company. They have filed for bankruptcy. If you think it is not relevant to writers… read Kris and her examination of the Sears business model and how it has been the blueprint of other successful bookselling behemoths in the business world. What happens if Amazon fails? 


If you are wondering about whether a potential publisher or service is scammy… You can check them out on the Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli) review. They have recently updated their A-Z list of publishing providers.


Mike Shatzkin always has his eye on what is happening or about to happen in publishing. In his latest blog he looks at the success of Lightning Source and the mind shift publishers need to make about just in time printing. Readers will be aware that the recent success of Wonky Donkey on the global stage 7 years after it was published illustrates perfectly what Mike is talking about. (Mike will be in NZ in January if anyone wants to catch up with him.)


Penny Sansevieri has leapt off the block with the first of the what to do in 2019 regarding book marketing. What is really interesting is how book marketing is changing and what worked in in the first half of 2018 isn’t working now. This is a must check out list of great ideas.


Dave Chesson has been busy doing guest blogs around the blogosphere. This week he popped up on Jane Friedman’s blog and wrote an interesting article on the SWOT analysis for writers. Have you ever looked at your writing this way? Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats…


Recently Joanna Penn interviewed Michael Brent Collings and it got writers talking about mental health and writing. Today I came across Michael’s ten steps to overnight success. This is one of those posts that is a must read (all the way to the end).


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In The Marketing Section,
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To Finish,
The New York Review published this interesting article today. Is Literary Glory worth chasing? As you read it, you are struck with so many parallels about life today and the pressures of being a writer in the modern age. Which is pretty neat considering it was written in 1824.


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