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Publishing News Roundup Series: New Year, New Publishing You

by Maureen Crisp •  January 8, 2020  •   Follow

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A sum up Newsletter for 2019 where you get a bumper crop of links to keep you busy.

Some of the best links from 2019 in Writing Craft and Marketing



Resources for writers- June Takey- This is an all you can eat blog post!



Penny Sansevieri decided that 2019 should be the year of the vlog



The 6 figure master fiction plot-Janice Hardy


How to plan the DIY Writing Retreat.


Smashwords introduces Global coupons!



Group Anthology- take the collaboration model of writing and kick it up a notch.


Rachel Thompson and her pre launch strategies for authors.



Character vs Plot -Drive vs Focus- Jami Gold


16 Villain Archetypes- Tami Cowden


E J Runyon discusses using sense memory as a creative kick start!


Metadata and Book distribution resource checklist- Alli Blog



Career Author has on viewing your author website as a hub with the spokes always bringing your reader back…


Cheatsheet on how to write a logline- Bang2write


7 thoughts about collaboration- Dan Brotzel- Bookmark



Six mistakes that can kill a plot-Mythcreants- Bookmark


Creative writing tools… and no it is not the fancy pen.


5 Book marketing strategies- Barbara Freethy- Bookmark!



Reader Targeting influences everything- David Gaughran- Bookmark


In serch of a moral compass- Writer Unboxed- READ THIS! Bookmark


of ten free online graphic and image manipulation tools.



125 Book promo ideas- Penny Sansevieri- BOOKMARK!!


Depicting characters held back by fear- Angela Ackerman- Bookmark


Roz Morris had a great article on back story description and point of view hacks



Wonderdraft. A map making tool for the gamer or writer out there. Take a look at how it works.


How Theme and False Theme affect your protagonist, you can see why.


Promote your book hacks- BOOKMARK



Jami has gathered together great worksheets and resources to help with goal setting and author business.


20 writing tips to improve your craft- Reedsy- Comprehensive!


Using kindle keywords- Dave Chesson (New research from Dave.) – BOOKMARK


How to promote your book on a shoestring- Prowriting aid- Bookmark



Enhance your writing by layering- Jordan Dane – Bookmark


Surprise your reader in every scene- September Fawkes – Bookmark


Penny Sansevieri has a great post on using video for book promotion ideas

How to DIY an audiobook Renee Conoulty and Sacha Black- Bookmark



Book Promotion 101- Bookbub- Bookmark!-


Penny Sansevieri has a great post on 2020 marketing goals


The lie your character believes- Angela Ackerman- Bookmark


In My Writing Life,

I am sipping a glass of wine and thinking about goals and plans for 2020. I really wanted Book 4 out for Christmas but it was not to be. Note to Self- Get illustration notes to Irina much earlier. Timing is important. Always build in plenty of time. I did, but I also don’t push when things take longer than I expect. I am not going to sacrifice health just to push through a deadline. (Life happens… learn to roll with it and keep upbeat.)

In 2020 I want to finally get a handle on Ads and make them work positively.  My ROI is abyssmal so I really need to work on that.

I know that one of my hardest hurdles is to ask for reviews. I find this very difficult. (That old feeling of never feeling worthy and not wanting to bother anyone.) If you would like to help me out, I would love a review on my circus books. Goodreads reviews now show up on Amazon. Yay.

Have a happy and restfilled Christmas and a New Year full of great writing plans for the new decade.

I’ll be back on the blog towards the end of January, with a newsletter to follow after. In the meantime I’ll be uploading the new book.


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