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Publishing News Roundup Series: Playing Nicely Online

by Maureen Crisp •  August 1, 2016  •   Follow

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Rejection doesn’t last forever, but social media does.

It’s always important to watch what you write as an author online because the negative things you write about a person or thing can come back to affect your career in the future. It’s important to be cautious of what you write and keep your comments about other people to positive, friendly tweets:


Playing Nicely In The Trenches


Today my Twitter feed exploded with agents who were appalled at a blog post written by a disgruntled author. Agents don’t talk about the abusive letters they get from rejected authors. But to write an abusive blog post naming the agent and pouring scorn on her was not a good idea for this writer’s career. 


You should play nicely online. The internet is long on remembering and unforgiving. Agents do search you online and on Social Media. If you get a rejection, wail in your own home over a wine. DON’T wail all over the internet!


Joanna Penn has worked hard at her self publishing business. She has fans all over the world for her podcasts and her books and her willingness to answer questions and experiment. Today she posted a tech survey of the tools she uses. A very interesting post.


 James Scott Bell asked the big question. Why do you want to be a writer? This is a great blog post to sit with and maybe ask yourself. Then take note of the answer.


Publishing Perspectives takes a look at the publishing franchise of Bourne. How did they select writers to carry on the Ludlum legacy?
It has to do with love…


Kris Rusch has another brilliant post on contract snags in her deal breakers series. This week it is on definitions. If you thought you knew what the terms meant, think again. This is a comprehensive post looking at Net royalties, time limits and other dastardly goodies.


Staying on Contracts, Susan Spann (lawyer and writer) has a must read post on short contracts. That’s when the publisher does you a ‘favour’ and sends a 3 page contract instead of a 30 page contract because you don’t really need much more than that. Just don’t worry your little writer head about those rights clauses….


In the Craft Section,
8 must read writing craft books (I have most of these and agree)
Creating layered characters– Jami Gold – Bookmark
In the Marketing Section,
The definition of an author platform– Jane Friedman- Bookmark


Website of The Week
Bookriot always has interesting posts and a ton of information all over their site. Recently they collected together a list of great writer podcasts. 


If you like to listen to podcasts while exercising or doing chores check these out.


To Finish,
If you are a writer you get used to rejection. Writing is subjective so not everybody will love what you bled onto the page. J K Rowling mega writing superstar that she is (with another Potter book out this week) decided to show some of her recent rejection letters. It does give hope to the rest of us bleeding in the trenches.



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