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Publishing News Roundup Series: Preparation for the National Conference of Children’s Writers and Illustrators

by Maureen Crisp •  October 6, 2015  •   Follow

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In this week’s Publishing News Roundup series, we talk about preparation for the National Conference of Children’s Writers and Illustrators.

We will also be talking about great tips for creating a good sequel to your book, and we discuss theme and how it is important in a writer’s story:


Getting The Facts Right


This week’s roundup is skinnier than usual as I have been attending to all those last minute details behind the scenes of presenting a National Conference of Children’s Writers and Illustrators. Every two years we hold the conference and we start planning for it eighteen months in advance. As the team heads into this weekend,  we are like ducks, looking like we have it together on top and paddling furiously below the surface!


In News this week, best selling children’s author Cornelia Funke parted ways with her publisher over a disagreement in editing. She is going to self publish the last book in her best selling series.


Two weeks ago I wrote about the Nielson kids book summit and the angry responses from writers about some panelists comments. Porter breaks down what happened, what went wrong and why people should just get their facts right before screaming all over Twitter. Very Good Advice!


Joanna Penn has a fabulous interview with James Scott Bell on his latest writing craft book. He talks about his daily goals, writing discipline and the joy of writing. It’s a must listen/read.


Writers at all stages of their careers will understand the struggling writer syndrome. Writers Digest has an article with four pieces of advice to take to heart.


In The Craft Section,
Seven dialogue basics– Jody Hedlund
Hidden enablers that make your story work.-Roz Morris on her
Venice Masterclass. (Bookmark)
What is Theme? (Bookmark)


In The Marketing Section,


To Finish,
Creativity… We all have it but how do we use it? Seven of the worst tropes about creativity from Jon Westenburg. This is an interesting
read over a beverage of your choice…

And in Karma Land… Ted Dawe’s banned book has been picked up by a US publisher.
I’m off to do last minute organising for Tinderbox2015. See you all on the other side!




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