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Publishing News Roundup Series: Productivity Tips For Authors – A Great Holiday Gift!

by Maureen Crisp •  December 14, 2015  •   Follow

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The holidays are in full swing! And so is the latest publishing news.

For the holidays we got you authors best gift- publishing tips! You we’re all on the nice list this year, especially with all of your hard work at NaNoWriMo, so we complied some great articles below. From productivity tips, to contract tips from Writer Beware, we have ‘oh, what fun’ articles for everyone:


Raise A Glass to


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This is my last blog post of the year and it’s already a day late. I have lots to share with you so grab a Christmas beverage and we’ll start.


This could be the drown your sorrows part of the blog…

Writer Beware has a look at some insidious new clauses making their way into publishing contracts under the

guise of being nice.


Anne R Allen’s post on 5 scams targeting writers is being shared all over the web. Read and Beware.


Heather Alexander writes about the frustration of friends referring friends to you because they have book ideas. (We have all experienced this!!)


Adam Dreece talks about his first lesson as a full time writer- Burnout.


Melinda Szymanik has an excellent post on Writers Block – and The Write Life has a way you can beat it.


This is the Raise your Glass – Cheers part of the blog!

Kristen Lamb has 7 ways to get the true grit you need as an author– Great Post!


Joanna Penn has an excellent post on Productivity For Authors. If you are looking for other productivity tips check out these productivity hacks.


China wants to see more English language children’s books. – That’s the takeaway from the Global Kids Connect conference held this week in New York.


Digital Book World has an excellent post on Amazon and ways that Publishers can use some Amazon tactics.


This is the fill-‘er-up-what-will-they-think-of-next, toast to innovation part of the blog…

Check out the story of this App, where a traditional publisher is harnessing indie authors to deliver novels in

serial form, weekly… (you may need another drink to get your head around it.)


The writer and the market should be friends – James Scott Bell


Self Publishing and Indie Author Imprints– This is a must read post if you are an indie author.


Refill Your Glass!



In the Craft Section,

11 top articles on Writing Characters – Bookmark! Some of these I’ve linked to before but this is a craft books worth of great writing.


Janice Hardy has 2 excellent posts – Bookmark!  Why we should do bad things to our Character and What you really want to know about self publishing.


Tips for writing acknowledgements by Julie Musil – Bookmark!


Paul Short Has 6 writing tips from bestselling authors.


Agent Janet Reid – Don’t write your query like your dust jacket.


Reedsy has an excellent post (and infographic) on Editing (which is what NaNo people should be doing in December.) – Bookmark it!


Men with Pens has a great post on how to recognise Passive Voice and get rid of it.



In the Marketing Section,

Jane Friedman on managing Twitter – Excellent post!


Sue Coletta – Pinterest for authors– This is an amazing post! I never thought of this way for authors to use Pinterest – Bookmark!


23 Pinterest tips for authors. (makes more sense after the above post.)


How to protect your website from Hackers


In a Toast to Christmas…

As Christmas is nearly upon us you might like to check out these amazing gift lists. Jami Golds Ultimate Gift list for writers.


Gifts that matter for writers


Literary action hero dolls


22 gifts for writers


Imogen Wilson’s Ex Libris jewelry for writers


The Literary Gift Company



To Finish,

Raise a toast to Kristine Rusch

In November Kris was on fire with her great business for writers blog posts which I linked to in several blog

posts. She has been receiving some push back for her comments about writing what YOU want to write as the key to your career.  This week she replies to the criticism and explores the nature of writer as artist. I think this is an amazing post and one for authors to reflect on as they take their post prandial beverage and contemplate the coming year.


My gift to you – the 12 cocktails of Christmas and the annual Christmas video!


See you in January!






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