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Publishing News Roundup Series: The Book Fair Season

by Maureen Crisp •  April 3, 2018  •   Follow

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As the Bologna Book Fair goes underway, others prepare for The London Book Fair.

As the spring rolls around and book fairs begin, booksellers and readers prepare for the new “it” books of the upcoming year. What will be the new books that everyone wants?


It’s That Time Of The Year

Ah Bologna, Bologna… The biggest children’s book fair in the world. This generally kicks off the start of Book Fair season.  Everyone is looking for the next greatest thing. The Bookseller reports the top news of the fair as well as the shock announcement of the demise of the 2nd biggest children’s publisher in Australia. For our own corner of the world the brand new One Tree House Publishing firm has picked up best Oceania publisher from Bologna after less than a year in business.


Coming hard on the heels of Bologna is The London Book Fair.  Alli- The Alliance of Independent Authors have pivoted their online conference away from a LBF concurrent fringe event into something a little bit different. Their conferences are always packed full of great info. Make sure you sign up.


Publishing is all about marketing. Jamie Engle has a guest post on Janice Hardy’s blog about how to analyse your book for better market value. This is important as a publisher can quickly go out of business if they don’t read and fill the gaps in the market.
Kenilworth books published a must read article about the role of the author in the chain of the book. Often publishers seem to forget that without the author you would not have a product. Isn’t it time the authors got some better royalty rates?


It’s been a horrible week for Facebook. However the talk in publishing is that FB isn’t going to be going anywhere as they have 2.2 billion users. However FB is changing its focus to facilitate more genuine sharing amongst its users. Groups are one of the best features of FB and publishers have finally got some ideas on this and how to make money from them.


There is so much information on the internet that it does get a bit tedious to be constantly fielding the same questions about publishing. Susan Kaye Quin’s heartfelt post about being your own genius has been doing the rounds. We all studied and researched and experimented and worked things out for ourselves. We share our thoughts coz we’re good like that but… 


Two great marketing posts caught my eye this week. How to get five star reviews– from Writer’s Digest and How to get also boughts– The holy grail of Amazon success from Written Word Media. If you are Indie publishing these are must reads.


Ruth Harris has a monthly guest post on Anne R Allen’s Blog. This month Ruth talks about Summoning The Muse. How you can get your
subconscious working for you when writing.

In The Craft Section,

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In The Marketing Section,

Pre order strategies and 9 Amazon secrets- Penny Sansevieri- Bookmark Both
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To Finish,

Stuck for an idea? Use this infographic to help you get an elevator pitch from which to start your epic novel.
I’m off to write the compulsively readable thriller about a lovesick ghosts dream to explore their eating disorder….  It’s going to be a best seller I’m sure!

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