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Publishing News Roundup Series: The Pros and Cons of Using Preorders for Your Marketing Strategy

by Maureen Crisp •  November 30, 2015  •   Follow

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With all the new technology comes all the new opportunities for self-publish marketing.

One of the best methods for self-published authors to promote their books is through preorders. Below are a few articles to show you the pros and cons of this method, so that you can use preorders to the best of your advantage.

On another note, below we are also talking about the importance of respecting the past of genres and writing. First, we have an article talking about a new genre author who is insulting the past of his own genre. We also have another article by The Guardian talking about literature writers who refuse to  be categorized into a genre. Read below for a backlash from both opinions:


Premature Babbling


This morning my Twitter feed filled up with reaction to a new kid on the YA publishing block and his attitude. Normally a new kid on the block would be welcomed and included but when the new kid talks down about the
very genre they are writing in and then writes some dubious blog posts, the YA community will not ignore you. Chuck explains it best with his witty no-holds-barred post on not spitting on the legacy of the writers that have gone before you.
The Guardian also has a pertinent article on literature writers who deny that their work is actually genre… they wouldn’t lower themselves. SIGH! Read it and cheer.
This week there have been a few posts celebrating pre orders and warnings about pre orders. Publishers Weekly has an interesting article by Mark Coker of Smashwords on using pre orders to ramp up your first day sales. You need to have preorders across the bookselling sites to get on the bestseller lists.


Then Mindy Klasky detailed how a preorder went horribly wrong for an anthology on Amazon. If you are contemplating using pre orders in your marketing strategy, Carefully reading both these articles will give you the full picture.


November looks like the month I mention Asia every week. Mark Williams has a very detailed post looking at the global publishing industry using mobile phones. If you are looking into the future of publishing, check
out what he has to say… grab a beverage of your choice, as it will take a while but it is worth it. Time to think GLOBAL!


Anne R Allen has a blog post that is being mentioned a lot around Twitter. If you are still trying to get your head around the changes in Amazon’s review policy, Anne has carefully laid all the do’s and don’t out for you.


Joann Penn has a very interesting interview up with Literary Estate lawyer, Kathryn Goldman. There are lots of things to think about in this interview. If you haven’t given a thought to what might happen to your
Intellectual Property in the future… you need to read or listen to this interview.


Future Book has a section on Future Book Tech.  As we are in the middle of exam season here this post caught my eye. Here is a profile of a young man who saw a need to provide mobile exam preparation courses. He is now partnering with some of the worlds biggest educational publishers.


In the Craft Section,
Expand deepen and create – September Fawkes Bookmark!
What is narrative thrust?– Jane Friedman


In the Marketing Section,
Rachel Thompsons book marketing tips part two (Part one was in last weeks blog)
Marketing plans– Jessica West


To Finish,
Last week I had Kristine Rusch as my website of the week. This week she wrote a great post on the journey of one writer, Marie Force. Often we hear we should write to the market… or we shouldn’t write to the market or
we should write contemporary or we should write genre…. Read Kris- (take it to heart) and Write what you love!




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